Sunday , May 29 2022
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The 4 big reasons you need an ABM strategy right now

There are four significant trends making account-based marketing (ABM) a major focus for B2B marketers: Rising customer expectations are the most disruptive trend in business today. Customers no longer make categorical distinctions between their personal and professional brand relationships. They expect all companies to provide highly valuable personalized experiences all …

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Start Operationalizing Your Buyer’s Journey

I was surprised to hear so much talk about the ‘buyer’s journey’ at a recent Sales 2.0 conference. More talk than I often hear at marketing conferences! Having said this, it was clear that many people who talked about buyer’s journeys did not know what the term meant. A hesitant …

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Market Intelligence on the Move Transformation continues to sweep its way through the marketing function and no “department” within the function is exempt from change. For this month’s CMO Advisor newsletter, we are now focused on the market intelligence area. Compared to its peer departments, Market Intelligence (MI) enjoys relative …

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