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UK, USA & Australia Government Scholarships for Africans 2020-2021

USA, UK & Australia Government Scholarships for Africans 2020-2021

We have seen over 1.5k Students move from Africa to UK for Chevening, Common wealth and Rhodes Scholarships in just one year.

USA Embassy Scholarships in all over the Countries of the world have provided opportunities for young talented Africans to move from the slubs to a greater academic learning platform.

Australia Government Scholarships have provided over 1,000 African Students the opportunity to pursue their masters, Undergraduate and PhD program in the best universities in Australia.

So, what makes you think that you can’t become the next Awardee of these Scholarships. We have taken you by the hand and give you the best tips on how to apply and win the USA Embassy Scholarships, Australia Government Scholarships, and UK Government Scholarship as an African Student.

However, before we continue, I want to enlist some tips on why you need a Government Study Abroad Scholarship in 2020. These reasons will give the morale to pick up an application and finish it before you go to bed today. Let’s get on!

Why UK, USA, Australia Government Scholarships?

Like I said initially, having a government awarded Scholarship will aid you to achieve your vision as fast as possible as government Scholarships provide Full funding to your studies abroad. Like the UK Government Scholarship, US Embassy Scholarship and the Australian Government Scholarship, most Government Scholarship will provide the Following

A free Student Visa : USA, UK and Australia Government Scholarship will provide you with a Student visa to pursue your desired Academic dream in any university in the country. The Visa allows you access to government Social benefits to citizens and occupants. Not all Scholarship does that. I’m sure that all the government scholarships enlisted here will provide you with Students Visas to study.

Free Accommodation: Accommodation has been a major problem for African Students who wish to study abroad. We have checked and we have made available UK, USA and Australia Government Scholarships.

Stipends and Allowance: Most International Scholarships don’t care if you’ll be needing any other thing in the country aside just going to school and all its costs.

Full Tuition Fees and Other Academic Costs: Against just giving you your tuition, they also go ahead to settle bills like research and laboratory fees and some other bills that might be so necessary for you to study. They also take care of the cost of your book and many more. Who doesn’t want to have these Scholarships?

We ‘ll pick each Country one after the other and we’ll provide you with the best Government Scholarships ever. We’ll start with the US Embassy Scholarship, then to UK and finally to Australia.

International Scholarships at the University of Michigan 2020/21 to study in the USA

The US Government Scholarships are always disseminated to various countries by the US Embassy in that country. If I’m a Nigerian, I can visit the US Embassy official website for the latest Scholarships that are available for you. We are going to list the opportunities that are general to everyone.

Education USA Scholarships for International Students 2020

he United States Embassy, Nigeria seeks to identify academically qualified and highly motivated, low-income students in Nigeria to join the Education USA Opportunity Funds Program (OFP).

OFP’s mission is to assist talented and determined, low-income students who are good candidates for financial assistance from U.S. colleges and universities but lack the financial resources to cover the up-front cost of obtaining admission.

Application is currently Ongoing. Apply Now

Fulbright International Scholarship 2020

This grant helps graduates who are international students study and conduct research in the United States at American universities or various other institutions. In this way, African students are also recorded. It offers around 4000 scholarships for students every year.

It is offered in the United States and international students are eligible. This scholarship is aimed at postgraduates since it covers both the master and the doctorate.
The Fulbright International Scholarship includes tuition, airline tickets, health insurance, and living expenses, to name a few. The deadline is in October

Application link

Humphrey Fellowship Program

The US embassy in Chad announces the annual competition for this program. It is a full scholarship that lasts for a duration of one year. It is for mid-career professionals, providing them the chance to enhance their professional abilities.  It is for people from Chad and taken in the US.

See embassy websites for information on eligible sub- Saharan African nations.  The type of scholarship is fellowship. The scholarship provides for tuition and fees at host university, living allowance.

Deadline: The deadline is 30th August

UK Government Scholarships for African Students 2020

The UK Government has been one of the great supporters of the third world countries. They have provided assistance in various sectors of the economy to developing countries. The Scholarships listed below will see students through their academic struggles. These Scholarships are designed for Masters, Undergraduates an PhD Students.

Chevening Scholarships for African Students

The Chevening Scholarship Program, the UK Government’s global scholarship program, is awarded to distinguished scholars from eligible countries around the world. The Scholarship is generally awarded for a one-year master’s degree. Chevening Scholarships cover tuition fees, a specific life grant rate (for one person), a round-trip economy class trip to the UK and additional grants to cover basic expenses.

Here is the Application Link

The Commonwealth Scholarships for International Students 2020-2021

Commonwealth Scholarships are intended for students from developing Commonwealth countries who wish to study for a master’s and a doctorate in Great Britain. These grants are funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). Each grant includes flight costs to and from the UK, tuition and examination fees, allowances for a personal interview, grants for theses (if applicable) and allowances for first arrivals

Apply Now for Commonwealth Scholarship

Gates Cambridge Scholarships 2020-202

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are awarded to exceptional applicants from across the United Kingdom for a full-time postgraduate course in a subject available at the University of Cambridge. A Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the total cost of studying at Cambridge. It also offers additional funds that are available free of charge.

READ MORE: Cambridge Gates Scholarships

Rhodes Scholarships at the University of Oxford 2020-2021

Rhodes was founded on the will of Cecil Rhodes in 1902 and is the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious international scholarship program in the world. The Rhodes Scholarships are graduate scholarships that support exceptional international students from certain Oxford University countries. A Rhodes Scholarship covers all university fees, personal scholarships, health insurance, and flights to and from the student’s country of origin.

Clarendon International Scholarships at Oxford University in the UK 2020

The Clarendon International Scholarship offers many international students a fully-funded scholarship to study at the University of Oxford.

The scholarship for international students in the UK offers over 100 full scholarships each year for academically excellent doctoral students from around the world. Clarendon scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence and potential for all university-level subjects at the University of Oxford.

Australian Government Scholarship for African Students 2020

The Australia nation is more like the United Kingdom. They are one of the best study abroad nations in the World with millions of International Students pursuing degrees in various universities in the country. They are so liberal in terms of awarding Scholarships to students from Africa to further their education. We are going to list those scholarships for you to start applying immediately.

Australia Awards for African Students 2020 (third Class Students can apply)

The Australia Awards aim to promote knowledge, education, and lasting relationships between Australia and our neighbors through Australia’s extensive scholarship programs. The program brings together grants from the State Department (DFAT), the Department of Education, and the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).
Learn more about the Australia Awards.

Destination Australia Scholarship

The Destination Australia Program (DAP) is the new Australian government mobility program for national and international students wishing to study in the Australian region. Each year, more than 1,000 scholarships are awarded to support national and international students studying in regional locations in the Level IV certification qualifications. Australian universities can apply for grants of up to $ 15,000 per student per year.
Apply for the Scholarship Here

Australian Government Research Program (RTP)

Since January 1, 2017, the Research Training Program (RTP) has replaced the International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) program. More information on the research training program is available on the Ministry of Education website. Grant applications are sent directly to a participating university. Application is ongoing for International Students to Apply.
Apply Here

Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship

The Australian APEC Women in Research Fellowships are open to top researchers from APEC economies for research opportunities in partnership with Australian education and research institutions. The scholarships aim to support the economic empowerment of women in the APEC region and to strengthen the profile of female role models in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


All of the scholarships listed on our website are available to international students and African Students. Many are available for students of all nationalities. However, all scholarship requirements are determined by the institution or organization offering the scholarship, and requests should be addressed directly to the fellow. To find out if you are eligible for a scholarship, you must contact the organization offering the scholarship or visit the links below each scholarship Listed.

With a Scholarship from either UK, USA, or Australian Government, you can call your dream is real as these Scholarships will propel your vision to the next level. If you need some skills before you can travel to study, visit here to get the relevant skills to boost your chances of getting the scholarships

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