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USA 3 Years Work Permit with Job Salary of $4000 Monthly

USA 3 years work permit with job salary of $4000 USD monthly, no interview, takes 3 weeks to come out. What’s needed is an international passport, 4 America sized photo passport and 1 full photograph. This Visa will come with a Lithuania residence permit.

Seeing the above paragraph I know the first thought that comes out of your mind is “Don’t mind these 419 people them don start again”. Even me as a travel consultant I would have thought of that if I wasn’t the person sharing this information; because of the terrible experience some of us have had in the past with so-called travel agents,

My sincere apology goes to people who have fallen victim of visa frauds.


If you are among those victims don’t be afraid to try for the second and last time, because this one is 100% guaranteed; what you are getting is

USA 3 years work permit with job salary of $4000 USD monthly, without any hassles all that is required of you is to guarantee us and give us a proof that you can pay for the visa when it is out.

Those of us who know one or two persons who have gotten am America visa before knows the huge amount involved in the processing of visa, don’t let that scares you because we are not charging any upfront payment. Again you don’t need to deposit anything as long as there is a proof of cash in your account to balance up the payment when the visa is out.


So there is no room to entertain any fear about fraud because you won’t pay for the visa until is out for collection. An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime if you don’t make use of it may never come again.

Another thought that will come to your mind is that because it is published on social media site is not real, don’t let such impression deny you of what life is throwing at you right now; We need not less than a 100 people on this visa program so where else do you expect me to get such numbers without telling the public.

Also, this visa program has changed many people’s lives and it will definitely change yours if you are interested in seeing any proof send me a message on my phone to give you.

This visa program is not for people wishing to travel in future; it is for people who want to travel now on a 3 years’ work permit with job salary of $4000 USD. For further inquiries Interested candidate can contact us at:

Click here to apply

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